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Amidst hectic schedules and super busy lives, paying for your electricity bill every month can be a painful process. You are so occupied with some or the other thing most of the time that monthly electricity bill payment looks like a big task to you. It often happens that you are unable to pay your bills on time and the end result, you are charged with late fees. Now, say goodbye to this hassle, Paytm offers you the convenience of making your electricity bill payment online right from the comfort of your own place. Yes, don’t let the late payment charges or missing deadlines haunt you, pay your electricity bill using Paytm app and enjoy amazing Cashback offers & discount deals. Instead of queuing up at the centre of your service provider for bill payment, you can pay your electricity bill online and save your time and energy.

Now, you don’t need to take tension about the last day rush at the centres when you have your Paytm app with you. It is of utmost importance to pay your bills timely for seamless continuity of services. Electricity bill payment is effortless with Paytm app, all you need to have is your account, mobile data and that’s all. Why stand in those long queues when you can do the payment in just a few easy taps. You don’t have to worry whether you have sufficient cash in hand or not or what time of the day it is, Paytm’s online electricity bill payment service is available 24/7 all 365 days of the year. Whether you are out on a vacation with family, on a business trip or just sitting leisurely at home, you can pay your electricity bill online via Paytm app within just a few minutes.

Steps to Make Electricity Bill Payment with Paytm App

Paytm brings to you an easy, safe and trouble-free way to make bill payments. No more late fee charges or last day rush outside the service centres, simply pay it online with Paytm app and enjoy several amazing discount and Cashback offers. If you are not sure how to pay your electricity bill through app, then take a look at the below mentioned steps-

  • Go to the electricity bill payment section
  • Select your electricity provider from the given choices
  • Fill up your consumer account number
  • Enter the amount to pay
  • Proceed with the payment, apply promo code if any. Make payment through Paytm Wallet/ Credit

Card/ Debit Card/Net Banking
That’s all, you are done with the payment. Whether you are living in metro or non-metro city, with Paytm app you can pay for your electricity bill across various electricity boards. All the transactions done are completely secure and safe. You don’t have to worry about your money, you can be assured that it’s in the safe hands. Also, the moment you complete the transaction, you instantly receive an auto update on your registered email id and phone number about the payment details.

Amazing Cashback offers & Discount Deals
One amazing benefit available with the Paytm app is the Cashback offers and money-saving deals. Paytm not just provides you the ease of making an online electricity bill payment but also offers an amazing range of discount deals and loyalty Cashback offers. You can now save extra money when making a bill payment through Paytm app. There are so many crazy deals and lucrative offers that you will end up in a lot of savings with Paytm app. Pay your electricity bills without jumping the due dates or paying late fee charges with Paytm app and take advantage of several wonderful deals, discounts & Cashback offers.

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