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Sometimes, due to any valid reason a network provider can actually block a particular iPhone making it absolutely unusable. And, if an iPhone is blocked or barred by any network provider, then it is almost impossible to unlock it as well. Therefore, before proceeding to get your iPhone unlocked, it is always suggested to verify whether your iPhone is not barred or blocked!

What happens is, that if you have recently purchased a used handset, then there are chances that maybe the phone was blacklisted, due to any reason. And, in this situation, you would not be able to use your dear phone, as you won’t be able to unlock iPhone either.

Any iPhone unlock code will not work with a barred handset. So, it is extremely important to verify whether your phone is barred or not, before paying for the unlocking code.

Want to check whether your iPhone is blacklisted or not?
Just click on the Blacklist Checker, and you will be redirected to a page which will ask you to fill in some important data. To be sure that your phone is not blocked/blacklisted or barred by any network provider, just enter the correct details, and follow the instructions afterwards. As verifying the backlisting is extremely important because blacklisted phones are tough/impossible to unlock. To confirm this you can click on the link ‘Blacklist Finder’, and just follow some simple steps to know the status.

Once you know that your phone is not blacklisted, then you can proceed for the further steps to get your unique IMEI code to unlock your iPhone. By paying a nominal fees, you will soon receive an unlocking code in your email. Along with the code, you will also receive step by step instructions of unlocking the phone.

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