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The truly exquisite and breathtaking land of Goa is among the favourite holiday destinations of the world for globetrotters. Often called the land of contrasts, this state, located on the western coast of India, accommodates many diverse landscapes and communities within its boundaries. The famous sandy beaches lapped by gentle waves of the turquoise blue sea, make holidays in Goa an exciting and fun-filled experience. This state has a lot to offer to its local and international tourists. While nature lovers can explore beautiful landscapes created by lagoons, bays and the Western Ghats, adventurers and sports lovers can head to the beaches for thrilling water sports. Here are a number of things that tourist with various interests can do in Goa.

Beach Parties

The beaches of Goa are famous all over the world and attract party lovers from many countries and continents. Baga Beach is among the most popular places to visit in Goa for its vibrant nightclubs and restaurants. Titos Lane is the centre of nightlife here. The street has an array of bars, restaurants, tattooists and souvenir shops. The open-air pubs and bars are also worth a visit to enjoy the true essence of this area. The other popular party destinations of the state include Anjuna and Vagator Beach. These are the perfect spots to head for trance parties. From chic beach shacks to trendy wine bars, travellers can visit a variety of places to sit and enjoy the atmosphere of the place.

Adventure sports

Water sports is one of the best ways to enjoy the sandy beaches and explore underwater marine life of the state. The turquoise waters of the sea, blue lagoons and sparkling bays provide amazing opportunities for visitors to indulge in exciting activities like parasailing, scuba diving and waterskiing. Although almost all beaches of the state are good for swimming, some specific ones provide facilities like sunset cruise and moonlight kayaking. Adventurers can indulge in white water rafting, wind surfing and paddle boarding. For beginners interested in water activities, sports like kneeboarding, which is considered a modern cousin of water skiing, yacht rides and wake boarding are available.

The aquatic adventures provided here are at par with international standards and usually require instructors to accompany the participants. Travellers can avail holiday packages for Goa to experience these underwater thrills.


A new addition to the alluring lifestyle of Goa is its casino industry. Located both onshore and offshore, casinos offer a variety of entertainment options and are endorsed as a part of the tourism industry of the state. Performances by international artists, enticing cocktails and mocktails, along with other imported spirits are also attractions of these. The floating casinos, found in boats anchored on the Mandovi River offer a good choice of slot machines and table games. They have become an integral part of Goan nightlife and attracts many international tourists. These casinos, which are still considered to be in their evolutionary stage, but offer all major games to their clients. Tourists can explore this latest appeal of the coastal state on their Goa holidays.

Exploring these 3 splendid attractions during holidays in Goa will leave visitors rejuvenated.

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