Kesariya, JP Nagar, Bangalore

55, 19th Main Road, 2nd Phase, JP Nagar, Bangalore-560078

Hour of Operation

Mon-Sun, 12:00 PM - 11:00 PM

For generations, artists, writers, and travellers, have tried to capture inimitable beauty of Rajasthan. The vast desert, the architecture, the folk culture, the hospitality, cuisine, music, and art transcend time and space. What Kesariya has done is recreate the fabulous magic of the region in the form of a restaurant.

It has put aside modern aesthetics and taken a step back in time, restoring forgotten elements of 150-year-old havelis from Shekhawati, a region known for its elaborate architecture.

The decor is enough proof of that. A colour palette that stays true to the traditions of Shekhawati, antique columns, jharokhas, door and window panels, sourced directly from the region, walls adorned with beautiful and unusual paintings of Shekhwati, ceiling decorated with traditional drawings, flooring designed especially for the restaurant, and of course the gorgeous silver crockery that will make you feel like royalty – all of it put together takes you a couple of hundred years back, right in the middle of a haveli where decadent food and bonhomie will make you forget the present, albeit for a brief period. All you have to bring is your appetite.

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