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The Portuguese rule along with the reign of Hindu and Muslim kingdoms led to an innovative mix of cuisines and methods, influencing the original cooking style of Goa. Though simple, Goan food may at times be spicy and highly aromatic. The state takes pride in its treasure of seafood, varying from exotic concoctions to staple fried fish. Nowadays, when modern cooking methods are influencing the world, rural Goa continues to enlighten all with its traditional ways. A smoky flavour gets added to the food when cooked in clay pots on firewood, thus highlighting a unique blend in the local cuisine. From salted and dried dishes of fish to lobsters, pomfrets, crabs, oysters and prawns, on Goa holidays tourists can savour them all. Following are some of the authentic meals to be relished when here:


Tasting better when stale, Sorpotel is a time-consuming dish to cook. From parboiling and dicing the meat to frying and finally cooking in vinegar and spices, this rich stew takes two days to mature.

Crab Xec Xec

Favourite amongst all, seafood has always been a regular for Goans. Easily available on the coast, Crab Xec Xec is a delicious mix of dry roasted spices, coriander and ground coconut. Thick in density, its coconut gravy tastes heavenly when had with bread or rice.

Ambot Tik

A Konkani dish, Ambot Tik means sour and spicy in the local language. This pungent, yet exquisite curry dish is usually a catfish or shark, prepared with peppercorns, dried red chillies and tamarind. This delight is a must have when coming here with Goa tour packages, especially when served with boiled or plain steamed rice.

Fish Curry Rice

This Goan staple diet owes its reddish-yellow colour to the presence of turmeric and chillies in it. Popularly called Xitt Codi by the Konkani people, this spicy yet tangy curry tastes best when eaten with a plate of hot steamed white rice. With mackerel being one of the favourites, this traditional Goan meal can be prepared with ample choices of fish.


Taking its inspiration from the word froth, this local alcoholic drink has a strong aroma. Indicating its superior quality, a good Feni will always produce a little froth when poured into a glass. Undergoing three stages of distillation, this Goan brew comes in two types: cashew and coconut. The aroma of this beverage not only delights locals, but also amazes tourists coming to the state with their Goa tour packages.


Complementing most Goan curries, especially Sorpotel, this fluffy white bread is a favourite on special occasions. Processed with finely ground rice flour and coconut and blended with paddy, it is finally steamed and fermented.


Traditionally enjoyed on Christmas, it is the most famous sweet of Goa. Testing patience, this multi-layered cake takes a lot of time to prepare. Layer by layer, flavours of ghee, coconut milk and sugar are infused and lusciously baked. This local dessert is often accompanied by ice cream, which further enhances its taste.

Profusely, the local cuisine leaves a flavour of contentment when had by tourists on their Goa holidays.

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