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Your engagement ring is more than a jewelry piece. It is packed with emotions, love, trust, commitment and may be it can also indicate your ideas about a perfect wedding. Check your ring down there. Here’s what might be in store for your wedding day.

Round Cut Engagement Ring

You love a classic wedding. From the A-line silhouette of your dress to your cathedral-length veil, everything is going to be eternally beautiful. You’ll wish to include some exquisite details in your ceremony, like your grandmother’s brooch pinned on your bouquet. Considering your elegant style, you’ll probably choose a band over a DJ.

Princess Cut Engagement Ring

You’re a modern bride with daringly innovative inclinations. We wouldn’t be surprised if you went for a more alternative bridal look, like a white pantsuit or a little white dress. You want to take your wedding off the conventional path and unexpected locations, like rooftop gardens and small art galleries fascinate you. You’ll toast with a craft beer accompanied by the notes of your favorite fruits instead of champagne.

Cushion Cut Engagement Ring

You adhere to both tradition and modernity. Tradition is important to you, but you like it with your own trendy twist. We bet your “something blue” will come in the form of killer heels that you’ll pair with a mermaid gown. Doubtlessly your wedding will be glamorous—sequin bridesmaid gowns, crystal-embellished bouquets and champagne towers are all set for your day.

Emerald Cut Engagement Ring

Minimalist elegance suits you more. Your wedding gown is probably a simple drape and your style icons are cool girls like Kate Hudson and Keira Knightley. You are effortlessly chic. A simple bouquet of lilies and a walk down an aisle lined with candles is all you can do the best. You do not want gifts from the guests, but you might ask guests to donate to your favorite cause to keep things simple.

Colorful Engagement Ring

You like to do your own thing. Your dress will be unconventional, with a splash of color or twisted embellishments or maybe both. You never miss standing out. Your guests will remember your wedding as a crazy-fun party with vibrating energy. You may choose an exotic destination wedding or pull off a funky backyard theme for the wedding.

Whether you’re a modern bride or a traditional one, you may want a unique engagement ring.There are plenty of options out there. From colorful center stones and vintage-inspired designs to mixed metal settings, diamond engagement rings in Dubai have a saga to offer on what’s hot right now in bridal jewelry.

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